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School / School council
Today is saturday, 23. november 2019

School council

The School Council is established according to § 167 and § 168 of Act No. 561/2004 Coll., on pre-school, basic, secondary, higher vocational and other education (Education Act). One third of the members of the School Council are appointed by the founder, one third is elected by the legal representatives of the minor pupils and one third is elected by the teaching staff of the school.

The School Council represent:

- Bc. Vladislav Nadberežný ( representative of the founder ) - chairman of the School Council

- Mgr. Ladislav Boháč ( representative of the pedagogical staff )

- Ing. Filip Trešl (representative for legal representative )

The school council is an institution that has been involved in school management, its term of office is 3 years and it meets at least twice a year.

School Council:

  • expresses its views on the proposals for school education programs and their subsequent implementation,
  • approves the annual report about the school's activities,
  • approves the school regulations and proposes its changes,
  • approves rules for evaluating pupil learning results,
  • participates in the elaboration of conceptual plans for the development of the school,
  • discusses the draft budget of the legal entity for the next year and proposes steps to improve the economy,
  • discusses inspection reports of the Czech School Inspectorate,
  • gives proposals and announcement to the principal of the school, founder, authorities in charge of state administration in education and other state administration institutions,
  • appeals to the principal to resign,
  • applies for a declaration of bankruptcy of the principal