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      „ A way of learning to achieve versatile development and harmony of life.“

The Elementary School, Matice školské 3, České Budějovice was established by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as a separate state contributory organization and it´s an independent legal entity. The capacity of the school is 550 pupils. The school club with a capacity of 180 pupils in six departments and a school canteen with a capacity of 550 lunches are part of the school.

The elementary school was placed in the network of schools on 27 March 1996. The school provides pupils´ basic education, ensures the servis of the school club and provides catering of children, pupils and staff of school facilities according to a valid legal regulations. The school has nine consecutive grades and at the same time it focuses on teaching English, German and Russian languages. Extended language learning has been introduced since 1991. Since 2010, the CLIL method has been applied to foreign language teaching (maths, art, geography, history). The school allows equal access to education to all pupils without any discrimination and creates conditions for their healthy development.

The school has been involved in the preparation and implementation of non-investment projects funded by the ESF and the state budget of the Czech Republic with the aim of increasing the quality of education. The School has successfully collaborated with other entities: the University of South Bohemia as part of the project "Improving the quality of pupil education, development of key competences, are as of education and literacy" (mathematical literacy), and also in the project "Support of community practice as a tool for the development of key competences" , we cooperate with the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of South Bohemia in the implementation of continuous practice in the subjects of education for citizenship and work activities and enables the students of the Faculty of Education to have a continuous pedagogical practice. At the same time, the school supports its founder of the statutory city of České Budějovice.

School aims:

TO BE an open and lively organization that systematically and meaningfully cultivates the individual life skills of each individual pupil and each teacher and employee of the school and effectively supports them in their mutual activities.

TO CREATE the conditions for the development of all the health components of each pupil and the staff of the school as well as for the healthy relationship of the school to its surroundings and to the world. 

GUARANTEE good conditions for children's education.

ENABLE the employees their self-realisation and their constant development.